3 Surprising Services Self-Storage Facilities Offer

Self-storage facilities don't just rent out storage units. In fact, many offer some surprising services you might not have considered. If you have unique storage needs, or you need help setting up your storage space, here are a few services to ask your local storage facility about. 1. Single-Item Storage Some people may need to store one or two large items, and renting an entire storage unit may not be the most effective option for these situations.

How Packing In Stages Can Help Simplify A Move

Most people dread moving from one house to another, yet the average person in the U.S. moves 11.4 times during his or her lifetime. If you are planning to move in the next few months, one of the best ways to stay organized, reduce your stress, and get the job done is by packing your things in stages. Continue reading for more info. What Is Packing in Stages? Packing in stages involves packing up your things slowly over time beginning with things you do not need right and ending with the things you use every day.

Just A Few Aspects Of Good Storage Units

You want to store your belongings in a very safe location, and there is usually no safer place than a storage unit facility. These facilities are designed and engineered to store all sorts of different belongings. There are different types of storage facilities, from very secure to outside self-storage units. Whether you are choosing to store your belongings in an inside storage facility, or an outside storage facility, there are a few different aspects that you need to check for.

Moving Tips For Avoiding Common Disruptive Problems

Starting the process of packing for a new home can be one of the more exciting times in your life, but it will also require a significant amount of planning and preparation to avoid some potential problems. However, if you are currently planning to move for the first time in many years, it can be easy to have forgotten some of the lessons that your previous moves taught you. Know The Steps For Keeping Your Plates And Dishware Safe

5 Comparisons To Consider When Renting Self Storage

When you rent a storage unit, there are many things you should consider. With the various terms and options that storage facilities have, it can be difficult to determine just what each facility offers. Below are five comparisons of common terms that you should consider before renting a storage unit.  Gate Hours vs. Office Hours Gate hours refers to when you can access your unit. Alternatively, office hours refers to when you can access the office staff to make payments, ask questions, and get assistance.