3 Surprising Services Self-Storage Facilities Offer

Self-storage facilities don't just rent out storage units. In fact, many offer some surprising services you might not have considered. If you have unique storage needs, or you need help setting up your storage space, here are a few services to ask your local storage facility about.

1. Single-Item Storage

Some people may need to store one or two large items, and renting an entire storage unit may not be the most effective option for these situations. To meet this unique need, some storage facilities offer single-item storage options. You can rent just as much space as needed to store your item, and the facility will label and store it in a warehouse-style storage space. This is a great option for storing a piano, spare mattress, or other furnishings you might not need right now but you still want to keep for later.

2. Truck Rental

Coordinating the move to a storage facility can be complicated if you need to rent a truck, and that's why some self-storage facilities provide truck rental options. In some cases, the truck may be free or discounted when you sign up for a storage unit, so be sure to ask about this option when you sign a lease for storage space. The facility can also help you determine which size truck is right for your needs, so you don't end up maneuvering a box truck around town when all you really need is a van.

3. Item Pickup

If you don't like the idea of driving a rental truck around town, or if you need help lifting heavy boxes, ask your storage facility about moving services. Some facilities will come pick up your items and bring them to your storage unit. You can do this with a traditional storage space, or you can opt for a portable storage unit. These portable units are dropped off at your home by the storage facility, and the staff picks them up after you have loaded all of your personal items. Portable storage is a great option if you are decluttering your home or preparing to downsize to a smaller house, as it can sit on your property for as long as it takes you to determine which items you are sending to storage.

Your storage facility may offer additional services as well. Some companies offer secure document storage, vehicle storage, and even help organizing your storage unit. Be sure to ask about all available services so you can determine which ones meet your needs. For more information, contact a company like Elkhart Moving & Storage.