Your Move-Day Budget: Residential Moving, Packing Supplies, And More

What should you include in a moving budget? This is your first move—and you're not sure how much you should spend. Before you budget for packing materials, residential moving services, and more, take a look at the questions to ask.  How Much Does the Average Move Cost? According to the National Association of Realtors' Moving.com website, the answer to this question is $1,250 for the average local move for a two- to three-bedroom home.

3 Most Difficult Things To Move

Some items are just more difficult to move than others. If you're trying to relocate and don't know what to do with these difficult-to-move items, you may need the help of a moving company. Here is a list of three things you're likely to have difficulty with when relocating. Pianos Pianos are quite expensive and delicate items to move. They can also be quite large and heavy. As a result they require a lot of manpower and special equipment to relocate them safely.