3 Most Difficult Things To Move

Some items are just more difficult to move than others. If you're trying to relocate and don't know what to do with these difficult-to-move items, you may need the help of a moving company.

Here is a list of three things you're likely to have difficulty with when relocating.


Pianos are quite expensive and delicate items to move. They can also be quite large and heavy. As a result they require a lot of manpower and special equipment to relocate them safely. Their sensitive nature also means that their inner components can be easily damaged in transit without your knowledge.

While you might think that the risk is higher for a long-distance move, moving a piano even just across town can be a huge risk to take on your own. So if you want to move your piano, you'll need to hire a local moving company that specializes in moving such heavy and large items.

These experts will have the necessary equipment and know-how to get your piano from one location to another without any damage.

House Plants

House plants are another item that can be difficult to move. They often require special care and attention, which can make them difficult to transport in one piece.

So if you want to move your house plants, make sure that you have a plan for how you're going to transport them. You may need to pack them in special containers or water them frequently while in transit.

However, your best bet would be to use a moving company with special trucks that have in-built climate control features. Such advanced features will ensure that your plants remain healthy during transport. The regulated environment also protects your plants from damage by certain extreme conditions that could be out of your control.

Always ask if your movers can move plants, as not all companies offer this service.

Furniture With Glass Doors

Furniture with glass doors can be difficult to move because of the high risk of breakage. If you plan to move such delicate furniture, you'll need to take extra care to protect both the glass and wooden pieces from damage.

You could pack the furniture in moving blankets or use bubble wrap to cushion it during transport. If possible, you can also remove the doors from the furniture before moving it. Doing so will help to prevent any damage if the furniture shifts or jostles during transportation. Temporary disassembly will also make the furniture easier to move and make it less likely to fall off the moving truck.

But even with extra care, there is always a risk of breakage if you don't have enough manpower or experience to help you move the furniture. In this case, you're better off if you hire a moving company that has experience moving such delicate and expensive items. They will have the manpower and equipment to get your furniture from one location to another without damage. So if you're overwhelmed by the thought of moving these difficult items, don't hesitate to call in the professionals. 

Contact a local moving company to learn more.