Easy Ways To Simplify Your Kitchen Pack-Up Before Your Move

The average kitchen in a standard single-story home in the U.S. is a mere 161 square feet. Yet, in spite of its relatively small footprint, the kitchen can hold one of the most immense amounts of items. While all these things may serve you and your home for the bulk of your life, all these items can also mean the kitchen can be one of the hardest rooms in the entire home to pack when you are facing a local move. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed as you look at everything in your kitchen to prepare for the imminent transition, you may need a few good tips to help you along. 

Make a Meal Plan for the Days You Have Left

Making a meal plan or schedule may sound like a strange place to start before your move, but this objective can really be one of the most important. Primarily, making a meal plan will give you the chance to incorporate as MANY of the ingredients you have on hand into your meals as you can so these items don't have to be transported.

While any full-service moving company will be happy to help you pack up your food and move it, using up as much as possible can really simplify the process. As an added bonus, having a meal plan will show you what items in your kitchen need to be held back from packing so you have what you need to prepare meals. 

Pack Kitchen Items in Their Place 

Your drawer full of utensils and potholders, the cabinet that houses all of your small appliances and large plastic containers, and the baking pans and lids in the drawer below the oven are the types of items in any kitchen that almost always have a specific place. As you pack, take note of how you intend to arrange those items at the new place. Pack your kitchen items according to that layout instead of trying to group every single item with similar items. 

Scale Down What Needs to Be Scaled Down 

If you take a look in your utensil drawer, you likely have multiple spatulas, several slotted spoons, and a few different sets of measuring spoons. These are the perfect example of items that most people can pare down multiples of at some point in their kitchen without compromising any form of functionality once they get to their new home. 

Trust a Full-Service Moving Company for Help 

The kitchen can be a huge undertaking when it comes to moving for sure. However, a little help from a full-service moving company can really help simplify the process. Reach out to local movers in your area to get a price quote before your next big move.