Hiring Local Movers For Help? Simplify And Speed-Up Moving Day With These Tips

You've hired local movers to help you get on your way to your new home, so now it is time to get started on your part of the moving process. Check out a few tips to simplify and speed up moving day by making things easy on your hired movers.

1. Get your appliances ready for the transition

Appliances take quite a bit of preparation before a move. They have to be unplugged, cleaned out, and disconnected from whatever lines they may be attached to. You can save the local movers a lot of time by getting these appliances ready in advance. For example, go ahead and clean the food out of the fridge, disconnect the water lines to the icemaker, and clean it out. 

2. Move as much as possible to the exit points of your home 

Pretty much everything in your home will likely go through certain doors, attached to certain rooms when the local movers start carrying things out. The more items you can move closer to the exit points, the faster your home will be emptied. For example, you will save the professional movers a lot of steps by moving all the boxes from the living room and kitchen to the dining room where you plan to take out the bulk of your items through double french doors.

3. Label your boxes according to the room where they belong

As you are packing, use a color-coding system to make each box discernible according to where it goes at the new place. For example, black packing tape and black writing can mean the box belongs in the garage. This can help the local movers decide how they should pack the truck and make it much easier when they unload boxes after your belongings have been transported. 

4. Disassemble furniture pieces 

Tables, shelves, computer desks, beds—all of these are examples of furniture pieces that usually have to be disassembled before they are relocated. Go ahead and disassemble these pieces of furniture before moving day so the parts will be all ready to go into the moving truck when the professionals arrive. A quick tip: place hardware in a zippered baggie, label the baggie with what furniture piece the hardware goes to, and then use packing tape to attach the hardware to the furniture pieces. 

5. Place expensive electronics in their own boxes

Still have the box to your flat-screen, smart TV? Tuck the TV back into its box before moving day. This will make it much easier for the movers to handle the television and make sure it is protected. Plus, the box clearly identifies what is inside. 

To get started or if you have additional questions, reach out to a local moving company.