Understanding How A Freight Forwarder Can Help Your Business

When your company is facing increased shipping needs and you're struggling with trying to find a shipping company that can meet all of your needs, it's probably time to start thinking about working with a freight forwarder. If you're not familiar with freight forwarding, you need to understand the service and what it can do for you. Here's a look at a few things that you need to know about freight forwarding to understand how it might help your business.

What Exactly Is Freight Forwarding?

Freight forwarding is a service offered for companies that need to find shippers right away. Freight forwarders serve as a central point of contact between the company that is shipping and the shippers that transport the loads. They arrange for a shipper to pick up and transport loads on behalf of the companies that need them transported.

What Can Your Freight Forwarder Do For You?

Freight forwarders offer all sorts of services in addition to just connecting your loads with a transport company. Most forwarders will also provide you with insurance for your loads, documents required for insurance purposes, licensing, permits, and any other specialized needs. You'll also get customs papers if needed. 

In fact, some freight forwarders even provide warehouse services, tracking, and even special management for hazardous loads. You may have to ask about these additional services, but they are often available upon request.

What Types Of Loads To Freight Forwarders Handle?

Freight forwarders handle a variety of different types of loads. Some forwarders may specialize in certain types of loads, so you may need to work with more than one if you have unique loads or something that needs special handling. You can work with a forwarder that specializes in those loads for careful care and attention and then work with a standard freight forwarder for your traditional loads. That way, everything gets the handling and shipping care that it needs.

How Many Shippers Do Forwarders Work With?

There's no guarantee that any freight forwarder will work with a certain number of shipping companies, so it's important that you research the forwarder that you're working with to find out how many shipping companies they work with. You want a forwarder who has a broad network so that you have plenty of options to ensure that your loads get delivered on time and without problems.

For more information, contact a freight forwarding service near you today.