Three Ways Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Bins Can Save Your Business Money

If you are a business owner, there will often come times that you have to find a way to store materials for a period of time. Depending on the type of business you are engaged in, the items you are storing may include inventory, business records, business supplies, and numerous other things. Although you may have placed these items in cardboard boxes in the past, heavy duty plastic storage bins would be a much better choice. They may be able to increase the safety of your business, as well as save you money. 

Plastic Storage Containers May Reduce Your Chances Of Incurring Workplace Injuries

As a business owner, one of the first and foremost things that must be on your mind is the safe operation of your business. Not only will operating a safe business help you keep quality staff, but it will also help to reduce the cost that you will have to pay out in lost productivity and workers' compensation claims. One of the primary injuries that is commonly found in the work place is back injuries. It is estimated that this affects one million workers each year, and that one in five workplace injuries or illnesses involves some type of back injury. 

When you use plastic storage containers, you may be able to help to reduce some of these work related injuries. Look for plastic storage containers that have built-in handles. This will assist your employees in safely lifting these boxes and moving them from one point to another. Using the handholds will also help to prevent the poor body mechanics that employees will often use when picking up cardboard boxes or other types of storage containers. 

Heavy duty plastic storage containers will also not come apart when they are in transit. Because the plastic boxes are constructed with solid bottoms and sides, they will not come apart at their seams. This reduces the possible risk of heavy items being dropped on your employee's feet or causing a tripping hazard. 

Plastic Storage Containers Can Help To Increase Your Storage Space

Storage space can be a very expensive business expense, especially when you may be paying as much for this space as you are paying for your production space. While what you are paying can vary based on where you live, these expenses can average as much as $74 per square foot in New York or more. Although storage is a necessary part of your space, finding ways to maximize this space can help to lower your cost.

One of the ways that plastic storage containers can help you do this is by giving you the ability to stack them. Storing vertically, as well as horizontally, will help increase the amount of storage that your business has access to. Because of their composition you will be able to store containers higher than you would traditional cardboard boxes without incurring the extra cost of shelving. Just make sure that your employees are not stacking the containers higher than what is recommended by the manufacturer.

Plastic Storage Containers Can Reduce The Amount Of Breakage

Have you ever opened a cardboard box and found the items within damaged or broken by the weight of the boxes that have been set on top of the one you are opening? When you use plastic storage containers you will not have this worry. The solid construction of the plastic container will keep the contents of your boxes from being crushed or broken. This will help to reduce the amount of product that is broken or damaged, which in turn equates to cost savings to your business.

Invest in a few heavy duty plastic containers and give them a try. This may be one of the best investments your business can make. Once you do, you will probably never look at cardboard boxes the same again.